Time Arena

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Time Arena is een vechtspel dat je in combinatie met een app speelt. Het doel van het spel is de totem van het andere team vernietigen. Iedere speler (of team) heeft 5 minuten de tijd om dit te doen. Na jouw zet duw je af op jouw smartphone/tablet en begint de tijd van het andere team te lopen.

Om de totem te bereiken en te vernietigen, gaan de spelers verschillende karakters inzetten. Ieder karakter heeft specifieke eigenschappen (hoe hij beweegt, aantal aanvalspunten en aantal verdedigingspunten). Time Arena is een snel en verslavend spel!

Through incessant wars for its control, the Lords of Time put the source of immortality at risk. To prevent its drying up and their own demise, they created the Time Arena: a sacred place where they fight, invoking the spirits of warriors from ancient time or from distant galaxies. Those who manage to dominate time and destroy the opponent's Totem gain the right to access the source and thus ensure the lineage of the Lords of Time.

Time Arena is a confrontation game for two players or two teams. You control four fighters, and your aim is to destroy your opponents' Totem — but time is running out, and you have only five minutes… When the timer shows « 0 », you lose the game!

In more detail, players take turns performing their team's actions, after which the other player's (or team's) turn begins. Each player has five minutes, which they can use as they wish all along the game. At the beginning of the game, the first player triggers the Arena Clock, which counts their time. When they decide their turn is over, for whatever reason they might decide, they pass play by pressing the Arena Clock. This both ends their countdown and starts the opponent's.

You will also have to deal with another time factor since each of the characters forming your team has a specific recharge time. When a character is destroyed in the Time Arena, its sand timer is turned over, and the character returns to play after all the sand has run out.

Aantal spelers2-4
Aanbevolen leeftijd10+
Speelduur10 min
TaalEngels, Frans
Merk / UitgeverBLAM
Basisspel / uitbreidingBasisspel

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